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Unique design

Thanks to its revolutionary air frame structure, there is no other tent like the Inflatent. The inflated poles are developed to easily setup the tent in every weather condition.

Quality materials

Only top-notch materials are used to create the Inflatent. For instance, the material of the poles is made of polyester Dacron which has been adopted from the sailing industry. Outer tent is made out of ripstop nylon which has the highest strenght to weight ratio.

A lot of space

Although the Inflatent is considered to be a 3 person tent, even for three adults it is incredibly comfortable to sleep in. On top of that, there is a large storage space in front of the tent that can be used to drop all your camping gear.

Custom mattress

To extend the comfort of the Inflatent, a custom lightweight custom mattress has been developed in such a way that the entire bottom of the inner tent is covered by air. Imagine never waking up next to your sleeping pad again!

Fast set-up

The Inflatent reduces set-up time and set-up complexity to a minimum. With its revolutionary air frame design, the tent pops up as soon as you inflate the outside poles.

Lots of ventilation

Due to the three ventilation holes, fresh air is always guaranteed in the Inflatent. These ventilation holes are specially designed in a way that they can stay open in every weather condition.

Multiple entrances

The 2 large entrances do not only give extra comfort, they also allow to enjoy your outside view to the the fullest!

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